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Building Stability, Restoring Hope

Housing assistance, job training, veterans services and more

Serving Mobile and Baldwin counties

Empowering Lives Through Stable Housing and Supportive Services.

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Our mission is to provide stable housing and comprehensive support services, empowering individuals to rebuild their lives and thrive within our community.

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By prioritizing housing as a fundamental human right, Housing First programs seek to break the cycle of homelessness and promote long-term housing stability and well-being for all.

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It is our vision that everyone has a safe, affordable home as well as the resources to maintain it.

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Donate today because you believe everyone deserves a safe place to sleep at night.


“I am grateful that there is an organization like Housing First to give me a chance to get off the streets and to be warm, dry, and have a chance to better myself”

L.G., Supportive Housing

“It’s a good program for those wanting to get off the streets. It helped me and gave me a place I’m happy to be in. It’s good how Housing First worked with me.”

D.M., Supportive Housing

“I appreciate what they have done and do, they have kept me off the streets!”

S.W., Supportive Housing

“Morgan is a great case manager, she’s always making sure that she goes over and beyond for me as her client. She’s a great communicator and is always there for support.”

R.A., Family and Youth Services

“I am so grateful and blessed to have case managers who have worked so hard to get me off the streets. Now that I have a home of my own, I’m looking forward to spending more time with my grandchildren and family.”

W.D. , Supportive Services